Fast Funding for No-Code Creators

Fast Funding for No-Code Creators

Built during the Advent of No-Code

Funding options for indie creators using no-code are limited. Creator Grants are an effort to support these creators.

If you are a creator using no-code tools to build projects to generate revenue and in need of funding, we invite you to apply for a Creator Grant. Creator Grants are $500 to $2000 and decisions are made within 5 days. If we approve the grant you'll receive payment immediately.


Fill out the application The application form should take less than 30 minutes. Applications are currently closed due to overwhelming demand. Will return in March 2021.

The grants are currently supported by: Makerpad and Ben Tossell. Airtable has contributed credits.

If you are an interested donator, please reach out using this form.


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Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

You must be:

  • In need of additional funding to complete the project.
  • Using no-code tools for the project.

*Any geographical location is accepted.

Grants will not be given for marketing spend.

Who will make grant decisions?

A panel of Makerpad members will make recommendations to Makerpad and Ben Tossell

What can a grant be used for?

We require that a grant be used for a project using no-code tools. Beyond that, the grant recipient has complete discretion over how it is spent.

What criteria will panelists use?

Projects that require small amount of funding to get started and have a potentially big impact.

What conditions apply?
  • You must use the grant to work on no-code-related projects.
  • For six months, you must send us monthly updates, summarizing your progress. These updates can be as simple as a single-paragraph email.
Who administers Creator Grants?

Creator Grants is a part of Makerpad.

Will the identities of grant recipients be made public?

This shall be at the recipient's discretion. We will list those who agree to be named. We will also provide regular updates on the total dollars that have been allocated.

What inspired Creator Grants?

Fast Grants was the inspiration behind Creator Grants.